Will Christ Find Faith on the Earth?

Do we have faith in God and His power to work miracles? But is this kind of faith sufficient in order to be able to enter the Kingdom of God, or is an additional kind of faith required? What exactly is that faith which God’s Holy Spirit must give us? How is faith described in the Bible; why does it not have anything to do with what we can see; and why does doubt destroy our faith?

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The Keys to Successful Prayers

The Bible is filled with instructions and principles about
prayer. We are told to pray to God the Father, but many in this world don’t pray
at all. It may be because of indifference or because they don’t know why they
should pray; what to pray for; how to pray; or when to pray. What about us in
the Church? Do we pray by following a strict regiment? Do we pray the same
prayer over and over again, thinking that we will be heard because of our many
words? Do we only pray at certain times? How can we be sure that our prayers are
heard on high?
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