The Third Temple, the End of the World, and the “Historic” Peace Deal

How do these three events correlate? Actually, the Bible makes clear that a Third Temple will be built on the Temple Mount just prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the end of this present evil world.  Preparations for the building of the Third Temple are complete. But how does today’s highly praised “historical” peace deal between Israel, the UAE and the USA come into play? This deal, which has been termed the “Abraham Accords,” has no chance for success. On the other hand, it might inadvertently accelerate prophesied events in the Middle East, but not in the way most might expect.

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The Covenant with Levi

God’s covenant with Levi is still in force today. Levites will give sacrifices in Jerusalem, and they will be administering duties in the new Temple. But do we know who the Levites are today? How can we be sure?

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Tithing Today

Is tithing still mandatory for us today? How can we know? And what do all the different concepts mean, such as, First Tithe, Second Tithe, Third Tithe, Tithe of the Tithe, or Excess Second Tithe? How do we calculate Third Tithe, and when do we have to pay it?
This short message will explain.

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