God or Man? – Part 1

When is it justified to obey God rather than man, even when it comes to human laws and Godly laws? Do we still need to keep the 10 Commandments today? What do the laws of man suggest and are there any contradictions to the laws of God? When it comes right down to it, will we obey God rather than man?  This first part will cover the first 4 Commandments which describe the love towards God.

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You Have Been Warned

We grow used to warnings, and it is easy to think that they don’t really apply to us. That attitude becomes tragic when the warnings are from God—for His warnings are a matter of life and death!

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Be Strong and of Good Courage

Be Strong and of good Courage was the admonition God gave to Joshua prior to him going into the promised land  because of the great responsibility he would face. In similar manner w need to be strong and of good courage as we live our Christian lives in this land until the return of Christ to set up the Kingdom which is our promised land.

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