America’s Armed Forces in Big Trouble

Pope Francis said that when women and young people governed today, there would not be as many global conflicts. But is this true in the eyes of God? And how serious is the situation inside the US armed forces, in part due to the attempt to accommodate the woke ideology? What prophesied consequences will that development have for the US military and the entire country?

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Pope Francis and War… Right or Wrong?

Are there no just wars, as Pope Francis claims? Are we really facing self-destruction, if we do not abolish war now, as the Pope also said? But if this is so, what are the Pope’s solutions to our problems? How does he think that peace will spread throughout the world?

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Will September 11, 2001 be repeated?—Comments on News and Prophecy, September 11, 2021

Is the threat of a terrorist attack on American soil greater now than “it’s ever been”? What does the Bible say about the possibility that the events on September 11, 2001, will be repeated? ? And is President Biden’s new “unconstitutional” mandate for vaccinations, combined with mean threats for the unvaccinated, a desperate attempt “to distract from his shameful, incompetent Afghanistan exit” and “morally disgraceful decision”? Can today’s development be paralleled with “scapegoating” “religious minorities in Medieval Europe” and after “the fall of Rome”?

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Israel at the Brink of a Catastrophe?

Israel is being ruled by an unruly government … a coalition of totally divided parties which only became united to get rid of Netanyahu. This coalition has no chance of success or survival, and the first hick-ups have already been noticed. But the disunity and ultimate anticipated failure of Israel’s government could have wide-ranging consequences.

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Can Israel Count on America’s Support?

The relationship between America under the Biden Administration and Israel under Benjamin Netanyahu is bound to deteriorate, and their recent phone conversation, with nice sounding but unrealistic platitudes, will not change this a bit. This program shows the many reasons why Israel cannot count on meaningful support from the USA, at least not for the time being.

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Why the UK’s Downfall Is Certain!

A no-deal Brexit is becoming more and more a strong possibility, and attempts of obtaining help from Germany may fail. A thought-provoking article in the Daily Mail suggests that we are observing the final abolition of Britain, and that “all the pillars of British freedom and civilization are hollow and rotten.” Does the Bible confirm this assessment?

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Ruling with Christ–How and Why? (Feast of Tabernacles 2019)

How can we be sure that we will be in the Kingdom of God and rule with and under Christ? How could God be so sure that David or Abraham would make it into the Kingdom? Why was God totally convinced and knew that Christ would never sin, when He was here on earth as a human being? How does God know what will happen in the future? And why should we look forward to our rule over others in the Kingdom? What are some of God’s promises for us and others?

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When It Rains, It Pours

Are you confronted with distress, calamity and adversity in your life? Could God have anything to do with it? Is it possible to have unshakable confidence in times of affliction, misery and trouble? How should one act and not act in the face of evil? Do great nations, such as the USA and the UK, experience today catastrophe and disaster, or will they encounter them soon? Could they avoid their impending adversity and imminent destruction? Will calamity and disaster ever end?
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How America Is Destroying Itself… Terrible Consequences of the Shutdown

Was Abraham Lincoln right when he prophesied that America would destroy itself? Sadly, the crazy government shutdown gives us a foretaste of what is going to happen. Millions upon millions of people are already affected, and it will get much worse, as this program shows. The Bible condemns very strongly what is happening, but most people are sound asleep.

God’s Law—Blessing or Curse?

The New Testament rejects the ridiculous idea that Christ came to abolish or destroy the Law of God. We must know, of course, which Law the Bible is talking about. The Book of Isaiah shows what happens when we break the Law… and when we keep it.

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