Let Us Be Clean and Holy!

As members of the spiritual Body of Christ we must be clean and holy, and we may think many times that we are, but may deceive ourselves. We must recognize our uncleanness and eradicate it with God’s help.

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You Shall Not Swear!

The topic of swearing and giving an oath is not as easily answered as some may think. Many concepts abound, pro and con. The Bible tells us that God swears; that angels swear; that righteous people in the Old Testament have sworn, and that people in the Millennium will swear. But don’t Jesus and James tell us that we are not to swear at all? However, some claim that Jesus and Paul have sworn. What is the answer?

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No Escape From Death

We do not know when we will die, but we do know that we will die. Death is inescapable, and so we need to be prepared. How will we die? Will our day of death be better than our day of birth? Will we die the death of a righteous? Will we be blessed in death? Will death have lost its sting for us? Will the crown of life await us?

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Why the Hatred for Israel?

Israel stands condemned. Anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews can be again observed worldwide. This program gives you some truly shocking examples and explains from history why there is continuing war and strife in the Middle East, and what constitutes the only solution for peace in that region.

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The Fate of Our Children

How does the life style of parents affect their children? When Adam and Eve sinned, God cut off the world from access to Him and His Way of Life, until Christ returns, but God determined to call some in this day and age to have a special relationship with Him. This includes the children of called-out parents. Whether they may realize it or not, parents have a tremendous influence on their children and grandchildren—in good and bad ways.

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What Does God Say About Circumcision

A recent German court ruling that criminalizes the circumcision of babies and young boys for religious reasons, has caused an outcry of condemnation around the world, but most Germans welcome and approve of the decision. What does the Bible say about circumcision? Is it still binding for Christians today? Is it allowed or prohibited? The answer may surprise you.

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Why Israel?

The Bible describes the nation God has formed and continues to sustain. Other stories about other people are recorded, but the primary focus is on Abraham and his descendants. Israel’s part in God’s plan for salvation is critically important for Christians to understand.

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Freedom From Slavery

The Feast of Trumpets is a memorial–a day of blowing an awakening blast. We are warned that literal slavery is coming upon the modern houses of Israel and Judah, as well as parts of God’s Church. Upon repentance, the returning Jesus Christ will bring freedom from slavery. Today, we can become worthy, in God’s eyes, to escape the yoke of captivity, as well as the spiritual slavery of sin and death, by submitting to the will of God, and by fulfilling, individually and collectively, God’s commission to His Church to be “spiritual trumpets.” God offers us protection from the Great Tribulation, but it is not received automatically, just because we may be “in” the Church of God.

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