Christ’s Praise and Rebuke

In Revelation 2 and 3, Christ addresses seven local churches, seven Church eras, and every Christian throughout the ages. What are some of Christ’s statements of rebuke, praise and admonition which speak to us individually, and which all of us should take to heart?

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For Life

When we decided to become baptized and live God’s Way, we made a life-long decision. We counted the cost and chose God over everything else. But in time, our first love and enthusiasm might have diminished. Other priorities might have taken hold of us. Sin might have become less serious in our minds, and ongoing repentance might have been looked at as rather unimportant. How dedicated are we today to hold fast until the end?

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Sinning Against the Holy Spirit

The sin against the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin, which will not be forgiven. Why is this so? And how can we determine whether we are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin? The Bible gives us important hints.

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There at the Finish

There can be problems, serious problems when a leader dies or is absent,
apostasy can then follow but we always have to hold on to the truth, and to
remain steadfast to the end.  
Our trust must be in God – not in man.   Scripture clearly reveals that our
arch enemy, Satan the Devil, managed to pull one third of the angels away from
God and he will try and do the same to us.   We have to seriously be on our
guard!   We have to be there at
the finish! 

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