Angels Among Us?

What is the role of angels regarding Christians and their children? And what is the Church of God’s responsibility towards angels?

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Are You in a Heavenly Place?

Are you going to heaven when you die? Are Enoch, Elijah and David right now in heaven? Are you already “in heaven”? Are you sitting today in a “heavenly place”? In what way has God blessed us with spiritual blessings in “heavenly places”? How is God’s Church to reveal God’s wisdom to powers in “heavenly places”? How are we to fight wicked spirits in “heavenly places”?

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Why Not Heaven? Part 2

Did Paul believe that he would go to heaven? Is this what he meant when he said that he wanted to depart and be with Christ? Did Christ promise Peter heaven when He told him that he would follow Him later, even though He said that he could not come where He would go? What did Christ mean when He said: “Where I am you cannot come?” Did Christ promise His disciples a place in heaven when He told them that there were many mansions in His Father’s house, and that He would go to prepare a place for them? If you believe that heaven is the reward of the saints, then the answers in this sermon will shock and surprise you.
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