FOT 2018: Do We Have God’s Love in Us?

As true Christians, we are to have and reflect God’s Love in our lives. But do we? We are warned that many will experience that their Love will grow cold; that they may lose their first Love; and that they might even lose God’s Holy Spirit and with it God’s Love. How can we prevent this from happening to us? What connection is there between God’s Love and God’s Law? Is it true that the Greek words for love–the noun “agape” and the verb “agapao”–can refer to something else than Godly Love, as some claim?

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Becoming Surety for a Friend?

What does the Bible say about becoming surety for another person, including your neighbor or your friend, or about co-signing a loan or a guarantee agreement? Should you provide financial security or collateral for another person? Don’t be too sure that you know the answer, because many well-meaning persons have acted wrongly to their own hurt, while bringing many sleepless nights and even financial ruin on themselves and their family. We are offering two free booklets on this program, which deal with sound financial principles.

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The Gift

God’s greatest challenge is that of creating His own sons and daughters. It is His crowning work! Indeed, nothing is too hard for God, but God is doing difficult things–His work involves disappointment and sacrifice. In fulfilling His great master plan, God is calling some to be firstfruits and He has made available the gift of His Holy Spirit to those He is calling in this age.

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