Rumors, Fake News and the Truth

All of us are potential victims of fake news, false reports and rumors. We are confronted with them everywhere—including and especially in regard to the teachings of the Bible, but we also find them in the worldly mass media and the propaganda of the lying press.  Why do so many believe rumors and false reports so quickly? And how can we distinguish between what is true and what is false?

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Applying Old Testament Laws Today Part 4

 Applying 8 examples of Old Testament Laws and Teachings Today:  1) death penalty,  2) land sabbaths makeup?  3) 7th year land sabbath,  4) making a vow,  5) water witching divining,  6) astrology,  7) eating grasshoppers,  8) listening to work place gossip.

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Developing the fruit of the Spirit is vital to our continued growth as Christians. Its manifestation is the proof that God is working in our lives.  The tools used to grow in the Spirit are Prayer, Bible Study, Mediation and occasional Fasting. These are MUSTS and must not be neglected for our continued walk as Christians and our development of our crucial ongoing relationship with God and Christ.

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