The Girdle of Truth

We are told in Ephesians 6,14, to have our waist girded with truth. This admonition includes two important aspects for our fight with Satan, which we will examine in this sermon: What is truth, and how can we wear the truth as a girdle?

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The Fools and the Foolish

There are 3 aspects the Bible talks about when it comes to the words “fool”, “foolish”, or “foolishness”. How does the Bible describe a fool and what does the Bible say about foolishness? What does it mean when the Bible talks about the foolish things of the world?

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Do You Stand Firm in God’s Truth?

Why do some resist the truth and walk away from it? Could a lack of faith, sinful conduct, anxious thoughts, the pleasures of this world, bitterness, or false priorities be decisive reasons as to why some do not understand the truth, and why others do not understand it anymore?

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Leaving the Church of God?

There have always been those who left the Church of God because of numerous reasons. Not everyone who attends Church services is part of the Church of God. Still, membership in the true Church of God is necessary for salvation. This sermon shows what is the Church of God; who leads and directs it; and why one must not forsake the Church of God, if one wants to inherit eternal life.

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Is Overcoming a Priority For You?

God’s people today are a people called to overcome sin in their
lives! If one succeeds in this calling, God will give to him the gift
of eternal life as a member in the Family of God!One does not earn eternal life through this process of overcoming.
What one does earn should he fail in this endeavor to which he is
called, is what the Scripture refers to as the second death – eternal
death! This must never be our personal choice relative to our calling.
However, if we are successful in our calling through the power of God’s
Holy Spirit, God will give to us the gift of eternal life!Another very important thing one is able to earn, should he be
successful in His calling of God during this lifetime, is a position of
rulership in the coming Kingdom of God!

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