Equality with God in His Kingdom?

Is it our destiny to attain equality with God? Or just a certain resemblance? Is Christ equal to God or just similar to Him? What does it mean to inherit the Kingdom of God? What IS the Kingdom of God? Do we have to do something to inherit it? What is meant by “born again”? Who or what is God? IS God a Family, or does He just HAVE a Family? What is the connection between God, the God Family, and the Kingdom of God? What is the gospel of the Kingdom? And finally, what is the most important work of God on earth today?

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FOT 2018: Do We Have God’s Love in Us?

As true Christians, we are to have and reflect God’s Love in our lives. But do we? We are warned that many will experience that their Love will grow cold; that they may lose their first Love; and that they might even lose God’s Holy Spirit and with it God’s Love. How can we prevent this from happening to us? What connection is there between God’s Love and God’s Law? Is it true that the Greek words for love–the noun “agape” and the verb “agapao”–can refer to something else than Godly Love, as some claim?

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How Is God’s Holy Spirit ONE Spirit?

On the annual Feast Day of Pentecost, God gave His Holy Spirit to the New Testament Church. The Bible tells us that God’s Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian, leading and motivating him or her. But what does this mean? Does only the Father have Holy Spirit, emanating from Him? Or does Jesus Christ have Holy Spirit as well, flowing out of Him? If so, which Holy Spirit dwells in a true Christian? The Holy Spirit of the Father, the Holy Spirit of Christ, or both? Who gives the Holy Spirit to a Christian? The Father, the Son, or both? And if it is true that a true Christian has received the Spirit of the Father and the Spirit of Christ, how can the Holy Spirit be ONE Spirit?

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Face It

Living as a Christian tests us.. It involves ongoing correction, change and growth. The challenge for us is to become truly submissive to God.


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Sinning Against the Holy Spirit

The sin against the Holy Spirit is the unpardonable sin, which will not be forgiven. Why is this so? And how can we determine whether we are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin? The Bible gives us important hints.

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The Mystery of the Holy Spirit

Who gives us the Holy Spirit? In what way is the Holy Spirit “one”? Who resides in true Christians? Is the Holy Spirit a person? The Bible uses many times figurative language when referring to the Holy Spirit. Still, why are descriptions used which seem to imply person-hood and conscious activities of the Holy Spirit? Are we unduly restricting and misunderstanding some of those passages?

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The Old Testament Commandments, Statutes, and Judgments

Jesus said that all the Law and the Prophets hang on the two great commandments of loving God and neighbor. The first four of the Ten Commandments hang on the injunction to love God, and the last six of the Ten Commandments hang on the injunction to love our neighbor. In addition, certain Old Testament statutes and judgments hang on each of the Ten Commandments, in that they tell us specifically and in detail as to how we are to keep them.

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God’s Spirit of Power

One of the most important qualities of the Holy Spirit is godly power with which God creates and upholds everything, and which He wants to share with man. But first, certain special requirements are necessary. This sermon shows you our incredible potential, if we are counted worthy for it.

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One Nation Under WHAT God?

What God are we worshipping? Is it enough to believe in just any “god”? Does the true God of the Bible accept our worship of pagan idols? Does He want us to worship Him as just one Person, or as three Persons in one Person, or as one Person in three hypostases or modes of being? Who and what IS God? Who was and is Jesus Christ? Are the Jews or the Moslems correct, who worship just one God Being, or orthodox Christians, who worship a Trinity, believing that the Holy Spirit is God? Or are they perhaps ALL wrong?

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