Worldwide Famine Is Prophesied!

Not only are we experiencing worldwide pandemics, but we are also confronted with the global threat of famine. Is it even conceivable that we might face famine in the USA? The Bible says as much, and this program shows how it is already happening.

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Thy Kingdom Come

The world has nothing to offer in comparison to the Kingdom of God and an
integral part of a Christian’s life is to pray for the Kingdom to come. We
should yearn for this momentous event which will usher in a time that true
believers have longed for down through the ages – a time when death has been
vanquished, every tear has been wiped away, there is no night, and that the sum
total of human misery will have been eradicated.   This sermon looks at several
different points which should focus our minds on what should be of utmost
important to us.

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