Leaving the Church of God?

There have always been those who left the Church of God because of numerous reasons. Not everyone who attends Church services is part of the Church of God. Still, membership in the true Church of God is necessary for salvation. This sermon shows what is the Church of God; who leads and directs it; and why one must not forsake the Church of God, if one wants to inherit eternal life.

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Satan's Continual Attack on Man

Satan, the deceiver of mankind, continues in his practice of using deception to trick mankind into following his ways. Ways which are contrary to God and all that God stands for. Through his deceptive ways, Satan has caused mankind to turn from the laws, the statutes, and the judgments of God to live in total rebellion to God’s Way; and to organize his life such that he appears to be doing good, while he continues to move further from the perfect Way of God.

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