God’s Warning For Us

The time for inevitable terrible domestic and international disaster for the USA, the great tribulation, and the return of Christ is very near. With this recognition and the realization that God has given the USA the spirit of slumber comes the warning that in the light of personal struggles, the lack of progress in our own lives could have dreadful and eternal consequences for us.

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We are commanded to rejoice at the annual Feast
of Tabernacles.   This is a
time to recharge our spiritual batteries and that must surely be helped when we
are surrounded by those of a like mind.   It’s a time to be together, to be
taught, to fellowship and to rejoice.   The Feast is a great opportunity
our great God gives us, in which many can strengthen relationships and where we
can develop family ties with our spiritual brethren.   The Feast is a foretaste of
sharing eternity together as glorified members of the very family of God.   Rejoice and make the best of this
wonderful opportunity.

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