Suicide—Why…and How to Prevent It?

Suicide rates are on the rise; especially in rural counties of the USA. This week has been declared as the “National Suicide Prevention Week,” to bring awareness to the warning signs of suicide. But what are they? What drives a person to wanting to commit this final act? Discouragement and depression are leading causes of suicide, but why do people become depressed? Why is suicide so useless? Why is it never a solution? What can you do if you know of a person in danger… or if you yourself are that person?  

Better Ways of Doing Things – Part 1

Three areas where things will be done better during the millenium are discussed.   The appointment of perfect leaders unlike flawed individuals who exercise power today.   Also, a new way of thinking where those alive will have perfect rulers to guide them and without the malevolent influence of Satan.   And thirdly. in the area of building and housing where property will not be to make massive profits for those involved – but to benefit all of mankind.   Beautiful towns and cities with all the amenities – no more slums; no more inner city areas wracked with crime, drug abuse, violence and no-go areas and no more racketeering and double dealing.   Better ways of doing things.

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Thy Kingdom Come

The world has nothing to offer in comparison to the Kingdom of God and an
integral part of a Christian’s life is to pray for the Kingdom to come. We
should yearn for this momentous event which will usher in a time that true
believers have longed for down through the ages – a time when death has been
vanquished, every tear has been wiped away, there is no night, and that the sum
total of human misery will have been eradicated.   This sermon looks at several
different points which should focus our minds on what should be of utmost
important to us.

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