Faith That Saves

Faith all by itself without any action isn’t enough to be saved. What do we need to do in order for us to be truly saved from death? How can we learn from the examples in the Bible what it means to put our complete trust in God?

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True Repentance

What is the difference between true repentance—godly sorrow in a godly manner—and the sorrow of the world? What are the seven aspects of true repentance, and what is its end result?

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Prepare for Leadership

Today, real
leaders are in short supply.  
But God is not going to be caught short-staffed.   He is not planning on down-sizing
the ranks of His royal priesthood in the coming reality of His Kingdom.   If we now prepare wisely and
carefully, we will be glad that we did. – and so will those who will need our
leadership skills in the future!  
By diligently preparing now to become an effective leader, we will be
fully prepared to answer the call when the final trumpet is blown – summoning
those whom God has called and trained to lead the world in His ways in the
wonderful world tomorrow.

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