Killing Sabbath-Keeping Aliens

A new science-fiction movie, titled “The Tomorrow War,” describes the “need” to destroy hostile Sabbath-keeping aliens, called “White Spikes” who have been on this planet for a long time without having been noticed. What is of concern is an old demonic prophecy which contains astonishing and frightening parallels.

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Satan Rules This World—Does He Rule You?

Satan has been very busy. Many are falling for his evil devices. But God requires of us that we love and obey Him in everything. Through governmental restrictions under his influence, Satan is using the same tactic as he did when deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve fell for it, and Adam followed his wife, convincing themselves that a “little” disobedience did not really matter. Far too many of God’s people are following today Adam and Eve’s bad example. Don’t you be one of them!

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God’s Law—Blessing or Curse?

The New Testament rejects the ridiculous idea that Christ came to abolish or destroy the Law of God. We must know, of course, which Law the Bible is talking about. The Book of Isaiah shows what happens when we break the Law… and when we keep it.

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Meet the Real Stephen Bannon

Is Stephen Bannon really the second most powerful man in Washington? If so, who is Mr. Bannon? Why are many concerned? This program will quote some of his most controversial statements, as reported in the American, British and Israeli press.  And it encourages you to look at the facts objectively, in the light of biblical prophecy.

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Do NOT Pray to Angels!

Recently, Pope Francis encouraged Roman Catholic Church members to pray to the “archangels” Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and to recite the prayer to “Saint Michael” often. This program shows you why it is extremely dangerous to pray to or contact angels, and it explains that the Bible prohibits you from doing so. It also warns you that you might instead contact fallen angels or demons, who are also called “familiar spirits,” since they want to familiarize themselves with you. We are offering our free booklet, “Angels, Demons and the Spirit World.”

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It is Satan’s Fault!

Is Satan responsible for all the evil which we may encounter in our lives? Is it his fault when we don’t overcome sin? Of course, Satan has deceived the whole world, and he is the god of this present age. However, Christ came to deliver us from the power of Satan and to bring us to God. The Bible shows us that we can conquer Satan, but we are admonished not to turn away from the truth. Many have done this over the years, because they ignored important facts about Satan’s goal and intention. God declares to us that we will be victorious over Satan, when we draw near to God and stay close to Him. Do you know where you can find these promises in your Bible?

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What It Will Be Like to Be God

How will it be like for us, when we are born-again members of the Family of God? When we are Spirit beings, unable to die or to sin, and no longer subject to physical limitations? What exactly does our future hold? Why is our potential worth striving and fighting for?

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Deliver Us From Evil

God does not only help us not to fall into temptation, but
He is also willing to deliver us, or free us from evil. What, exactly, is the
“evil” from which God needs to deliver us? This sermon will discuss the three
most important aspects of “evil,”of which we must be aware. These are our
enemies from which God will have to free us. And God has promised that He will
do so, when we ask Him and when we really want Him to.

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