Will YOU Have Eternal Life in God’s Kingdom?

Do you share God’s confidence and conviction that you will become an immortal Spirit being in His Kingdom?  Or are you sometimes tempted to give up when you experience difficulties and trials which might appear to be too severe? Is your salvation a big question mark in your and God’s eyes?

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The Passover and Christ’s Sacrifice

Properly baptized members of God’s Church who have received the Holy Spirit are commanded to partake of the New Testament Passover, but they must do so in a worthy manner. They must be able to appreciate the significance of Christ’s Sacrifice for their personal lives. They must understand what Christ did and does for them, and they must respond accordingly. But far too often, they do not. This sermon will show some pitfalls and dangers in thought and action.

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Not Because of Our Own Strength

Many try desperately to solve their problems, based on their own strength. This will never work. It is God who must fight for us and strengthen us. But how does that happen, and what mistakes can we still make, even if we recognize our own weakness and our dependency from God?

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Three Times a Year

Why are we to appear before God three times a year, “at the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Feast of Weeks, and the Feast of Tabernacles”? What is meant by this term, since we are commanded to attend every Holy Day service, in addition to weekly Sabbath services? How are we to appear, and where? Why does God command to give an offering on each Holy Day? Does He need our money?

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The Keys to Successful Prayers

The Bible is filled with instructions and principles about
prayer. We are told to pray to God the Father, but many in this world don’t pray
at all. It may be because of indifference or because they don’t know why they
should pray; what to pray for; how to pray; or when to pray. What about us in
the Church? Do we pray by following a strict regiment? Do we pray the same
prayer over and over again, thinking that we will be heard because of our many
words? Do we only pray at certain times? How can we be sure that our prayers are
heard on high?
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