Fight Like Christians

The world relies on war to bring about peace, but that is not the way to achieve it.  God never intended wars to be fought in the first place, as the Bible explains, but we are to be peacemakers.  We do however fight against the god of this world.  What do we need to do so we can be victorious?

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Eye of a Needle

An in depth personal story involving my music career as to how it all started, what’s happening now, what the future plans entail, and the significance of God’s guidance throughout this entire journey.

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There are two important decisions that one makes in their lives which show commitment: baptism and marriage.  Both correlate with each other since, to be married, we have to be baptized and receive God’s holy spirit.  If we want to be in God’s kingdom, we need to receive His holy spirit and be married to Him so we can receive everlasting life.

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Is the Church of God a Sect?

Down through the ages, the
Church of God has undergone persecution, scattering, martyrdom, wolves among the
sheep and accusations to mention but a few.  The apostolic church was called a
sect.  We are the direct descendents
of the first century church and, therefore, we may be called the same.   The real problem in today’s
society is the connotation that is put on the interpretation of that word.   We were not promised an easy life
– indeed, narrow is the way, and persecution has always been part of the true
Christian’s lot.   It has been
claimed that there are nine different marks that reveal a sect and these are all

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