More Wrong Comments by Pope Francis

In his three years as pope, Francis has regularly made news with his off-the-cuff remarks that conflict with the doctrines of his own church. His most recent comments about Catholic marriages and the death penalty are no exception. But why are his comments so devastating for Catholics, and in what way are they in total conflict with the teachings of the Bible?

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False Christianity and Blasphemous Abominations in our Societies

Pope Francis praises a former Italian foreign minister as a “forgotten great,” even though she is known for her active support of 10,000 abortions; British schoolchildren are asked to identify their gender by choosing from twenty “equally acceptable” options, such as bi-gender, tri-gender, Tomboy and Intersex; and the Bishop of Manchester refuses to block a play in a Church of England church by an award-winning Scottish transsexual, portraying Christ as a transgender woman and the queen of heaven. Where is the outcry over such abominations and blasphemies?

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Not of This World

We may have heard the phrase “Not of this World” and seen it branded on clothing and used as decals on car windows and bumpers. But what does this saying mean to the “Christian” world? Are they truly not of this world? The Bible talks about two different categories of people – those who obey God’s commands, and those who don’t. Which category do we, as TRUE Christians, belong to and what sets us apart from all other “Christian” religions who believe that they are “Not of this world?”

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How Far Do You Want to Go?

This world looks at compromise as a great thing. But how does God view this? How should Christians look at compromise? Are we at times willing to compromise in respect to Church doctrine and practices? Many did compromise in the past, to their own demise. How convinced are we that we must never compromise with God’s Truth?

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Results From Knowledge

How do we know what the truth is and do we believe in it?  What separates us from every other religion out there?  What are we to do with the knowledge that has been given to us to bring forth results?


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Becoming approved happens to everyone. Depending on what the situation is, different types of approval will happen. As Christians, we are to become approved by God by the things that we are doing. This includes our continual growth and progress that will become evident to all we come in contact with.

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What’s Behind the Norway Massacres?

The horrible mass murders in Norway have shocked the world. But disturbing is also the reporting of our media, using these incidents to further their own political agendas. Beware of false labels or the attempt to make you feel guilty for the atrocities of a lunatic.

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Christian Marriage

OT and NT
Scriptures clearly reveal that being unequally yoked is wrong, particularly in
marriage.   True Christians
must marry only in the faith to another baptized member as marriage is a holy
estate and the most supreme way of sharing in the life of another person.   Failure to comply with clear
Biblical admonition may well lead to matrimonial difficulties as well as the
possibility of being drawn away from God.

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