Have You Seen Satan?

Does the Bible tell us whether Satan and demons can make themselves visible to the human eye? Can they materialize and appear as humans, without being recognized as spirit beings? Should you try to contact aliens or the ghosts of deceived loved ones? How can you protect yourself against Satan and his fallen angels? What kind of activities are we to avoid at all costs? Should we stay away from demonic movies and video games, séances, Ouija boards, far-eastern meditation practices, haunted houses, chiropractors who use the Reiki method, and medical hypnosis?

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The Angel Lucifer

When Lucifer rebelled against the Almighty God he had a specific, all consuming purpose in mind for what he did. That purpose is still his major objective today. He continues to work toward that all consuming objective.

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In the Beginning – Part 1

Correctly understood, only the Bible tells us how it all
began; why we live today in a world cut off from God; and what is going to
happen in the future. In order to find the answers to these questions, we must
go back to the very beginning. The first few chapters of the book of Genesis
tell us why we exist, and what is man’s ultimate potential. We are also taught
why man sins and comes short of the glory of God.

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