Trump’s Reelection Is Assured!

President Trump’s recent tweets regarding four young Democratic Congresswomen have created a lot of attention and speculation. Inaccurate conclusions were drawn, and only very few seem to understand what is actually happening here, and why Trump’s tweets and comments are contributing to his assured reelection in 2020. Apart from this, it is very clear from the Bible that Mr. Trump will stay in power, even though the statement of this fact could be misunderstood as well.

When, How And What Should We Hate?

Is there something like righteous and godly hatred? For a Christian, it may be difficult to see how “hate” could be a part of God’s character, because many feel erroneously that a Christian must never hate. However, David gives us several examples in the book of Psalms which show us what and how we should and must hate. This includes the command to stay away from people who want to tempt us and others to sin.

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Does God Have Humor?

Some have a totally wrong concept of God and view Him as an impersonal “Something” without form and shape. That is not the God of the Bible! God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, are a Family, and the members of the God Family are described as personalities, who have feelings, emotions, joy and humor. This sermon gives you examples of the often-overlooked humorous aspects of God’s nature.

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Anger Management

Psychologists misunderstand the nature of anger and give oftentimes wrong advice as to how to deal with it. What does the Bible say about the causes of anger and wrath? Does God tell us very clearly how we are not to deal with anger; and how we can solve this devastating problem which could destroy us and others?

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Prepare for Leadership

Today, real
leaders are in short supply.  
But God is not going to be caught short-staffed.   He is not planning on down-sizing
the ranks of His royal priesthood in the coming reality of His Kingdom.   If we now prepare wisely and
carefully, we will be glad that we did. – and so will those who will need our
leadership skills in the future!  
By diligently preparing now to become an effective leader, we will be
fully prepared to answer the call when the final trumpet is blown – summoning
those whom God has called and trained to lead the world in His ways in the
wonderful world tomorrow.

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