Fight Our Fears

There are many different types of fear that people all over the world suffer from. Do we have a fear and is there anything that we fear in particular? Do we fear God and how do we fear Him? There are examples in the Bible of those who had fear but how were they able to overcome it?

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The Fate of Our Children

How does the life style of parents affect their children? When Adam and Eve sinned, God cut off the world from access to Him and His Way of Life, until Christ returns, but God determined to call some in this day and age to have a special relationship with Him. This includes the children of called-out parents. Whether they may realize it or not, parents have a tremendous influence on their children and grandchildren—in good and bad ways.

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Signs, Dreams and Circumstances

After giving a brief update on Feast preparations for 2007, this sermon will discuss the dangers related to requesting or seeking signs; focusing on dreams; or analyzing “circumstances,” when confronted with having to make difficult decisions. We must be aware that there could be wrong signs and false dreamers of dreams–even in God’s Church. And, as Biblical examples prove, “circumstances” could be easily misinterpreted or misjudged, if we are not very close to God, so as to be able to really know His Word and His Will for us.

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