Civil Courage

Civil courage or the courage of one’s conviction can be described as the courage to speak up and act for one’s position. Even though the term “civil courage” is not used in the Holy Scriptures, there are many biblical examples of people who boldly and strongly stood up for their convictions and for others in need, even if that included the possibility of suffering and persecution.

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Hope and Desire in Trials

When we go through trials, do we have the faith and trust in God that He will carry us through; that He will give us the strength to endure the trial; and that He will give us the desires of our hearts? This sermon shows how we can have this confidence, and what God expects of us.

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The First Day

A very important aspect of keeping God’s commanded Holy Days is to understand the meaning behind them. They outline the great master plan of God, and we find in them the message of our salvation and the promise of eternal life in the Kingdom of God. For Christians, the observance of this first day of  the seven day Feast of Unleavened Bread pictures our deliverance out of the spiritual slavery of sin.

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