The Omnibus Bill—An Insane Way to Run the Country

In this program, we address the omnibus bill as an example for the “insane way” of Congress to run the nation; recite a new and up-to-date version of an old Christmas poem; and end with a sincere blessing for all of our viewers.

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Did Solomon have God’s Holy Spirit?

Does the Bible tell us whether wise King Solomon did receive the Holy Spirit, and if so, whether he lost it again because of his sins? Many Scriptures give us answers and serve as admonition and warning.

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God’s Law—Blessing or Curse?

The New Testament rejects the ridiculous idea that Christ came to abolish or destroy the Law of God. We must know, of course, which Law the Bible is talking about. The Book of Isaiah shows what happens when we break the Law… and when we keep it.

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How Thankful Are You?

Are we thankful enough? Do we only show our gratitude when it goes well with us? How can we be thankful in trials? What is a major cause for unthankfulness? Is thankfulness conditional?

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Were Jesus and His Parents Poor?

Many assume that Jesus and His parents lived in poverty, and they point to a few Scriptures which allegedly back up their belief. But what does the Bible really say about this question? And does it matter?

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God’s Control of the Weather

This sermon shows the difference between today’s weather conditions, which are oftentimes catastrophic, and the weather conditions in the future, when God rules on earth. Bad weather conditions can be the direct result of God’s punishment for sin, while good weather can be the direct consequence of God’s blessing for right conduct. We will also address the political situation around the world, following Mr. Trump’s election as President; his “no-win”- position; and “Europe’s perfect storm,” leading to unparalleled terrible world conditions, as a result of sin.

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Angels Among Us?

What is the role of angels regarding Christians and their children? And what is the Church of God’s responsibility towards angels?

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The Love of Money

How does God look at money? Is He against riches? In this sermon, we will cite Scriptures which speak positively about the right use of money, but we will also address the wrong use… and that especially in the religious context.

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How Real Is Your Thankfulness?

When Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day this year on November 24, 2011, are they mindful of Abraham Lincoln’s prophetic words during his proclamation on October 3, 1863? In referring to God’s blessings, he spoke of “the precious gifts of the Most High God, who while dealing with us in anger for our sins, hath nevertheless remembered mercy.” How thankful are we when we are punished for our sins, or when God is allowing trials to test our patience?

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Correct Contentment

As Christians, we are to be content with the things which we have. But many confuse contentment with complacency. If we don’t use the blessings that we have been given, we will lose them.

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