Are You Following God’s Lead?

Does God lead you to choose or not to choose a certain course of action? Do you act at times against your better judgment, only to realize that you should have followed your “instincts” or your “first impression”? Do you sometimes feel that you are being motivated to do or not to do something, without fully knowing as to why that is? If you truly know God and are close to Him, you will experience that you are being directed in certain ways, and it is always good to carefully listen to and consider that guidance.

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Are you discouraged? Do you think about giving up? Or do you feel that you could never fail? Then this sermon is for you. We find out, from the life of Mark, that it is important to go on, with the help of God.

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A Perfect Example

Knowing what has happened to the Church of God in recent
years–as well as historically, we must be all the more careful to follow the
pattern established for us in God’s Word: we are to finish the work God has
given to us; to overcome the problems that we face; to endure everything through
the love of God. We are to be a perfect example of the faith we hold–as was
Jesus Christ!

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