When, How and About What Should We Be Angry?

Is there righteous anger which Christians should and must have? In this sermon, we will look at examples of righteous men who became angry, and they had godly reasons for that. We will see that even Christ became angry, and why this was the case.

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US Summits in Singapore and Canada—with Opposite and Frightening Prophetic Results

The diametrically opposite results of Donald Trump’s summits with US trading partners in Canada and with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un in Singapore show how prophecy is marching on… if we have eyes to see. The distinctions between America’s friends and allies and America’s enemies becomes increasingly blurred. Events are being set in motion right now which are not accidental, but which might determine your future—including your physical and spiritual survival.

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The Failure of Righteous Kings of Judah – Part 2

In this second part of this three-part series, we will be discussing additional righteous kings of Judah, including Joash, Amaziah, Uzziah and Hezekiah, as they are featured in 2. Chronicles. In each case, these kings committed serious infractions at the end of their lives, and when they were admonished, they reacted with pride, rejection and even wrath. Do we sometimes react in similar ways?

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Bad Mistakes and Grievous Sins of Righteous Leaders – Part 1

The lives of some of the ancient kings of Judah should tell us a lot today. How could it happen that righteous leaders made terrible mistakes and sinned grievously at the end of their lives? Why do we find ourselves in the position that we transgress God’s Word, even though we know better?
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Conquer Our Obstacles

We encounter many obstacles in our lives on a daily basis which come in various forms. How can we overcome them and in what ways can we learn from the examples we read about in the Bible?

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At the Brink of Armageddon?

Are we really that close to the annihilation of mankind, as many suppose? What are the reasons for the update of the Doomsday Clock which now stands at two and a half minutes to midnight, where midnight represents the end of humanity? Why is it felt that Donald Trump made this world a much more dangerous place, and whom is he viewing as America’s greatest adversaries? Could failed nuclear tests and computer glitches play a significant role in a nuclear exchange? The Bible predicts Armageddon; but how exactly will it happen?

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What Is and What Isn’t a Christian Marriage?

What does the Bible say about marriage, divorce and celibacy? What do we learn in the Bible about “same-sex marriages,” polygamy and mixed religious marriages? When is a divorce permitted? Is it a sin to marry or not to marry? When is the one preferable over the other? When one wants to marry, are both potential mates ready for marriage? How can we improve our marriages?

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Satan’s Anger and the Fall of America and the UK

The leadership of America and the UK is being severely attacked by the German media. Bild asked President Obama to “pack his bags and leave.” Die Zeit wrote that Premier “Cameron’s panic damages Europe.” The US strategy in Iraq and Syria against ISIS is widely questioned, if not condemned. All of this points to the rapid downfall of America and Britain, as prophesied in the Bible. But many do not like to hear this warning and are trying to suppress the truth. Satan is indeed very angry, as he knows that he has just a very short time left. We are offering two free booklets on this program.

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Reasons for Weakness

Are we struggeling with trials and weaknesses? Are there reasons for them? The Bible reveals examples of individuals who struggled with weaknesses and trials and how they were able to overcome them.

Length: 13 Min
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False Accusations

Are we guilty of wrongly accusing others or of judging prematurely, without having all the facts? Are we guilty of slander, libel or spreading lies? Are we opening ourselves up to demonic influence, as King Saul did, when he became angry with David and misjudged certain situations? If we just look at outward appearance and what is in front of our eyes, rely on hearsay or gossip on the Internet, or listen to false witnesses, we may make false accusations and become guilty of sin.

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