Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

compiled by Dave Harris

 A new Member Letter (November 2019) has been written and mailed to our subscribers. In this letter, Pastor Dave Harris reminds us to look to exactly what it means to be called into the Truth of God.

A Ministerial Skype Meeting was conducted last Sunday morning (November 17, 2019). We established a date for next year’s Church Conference—Thursday, March 26, 2020, through Sunday, March 29, 2020—to be held in Escondido, California. Also, ministerial assignments for the 2020 Fall Holy Days were determined.

A new StandingWatch program was produced by Evangelist Norbert Link, titled, “How Near Is Christ’s Return?” Here is a summary:

One of the reasons that we know that Christ’s Second Coming is just around the corner is the fact that the Jews are anxious to build the third temple in Jerusalem. An interesting case in India might be used as compelling precedence for removing the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa mosque. America’s new policy stating that Israel’s settlements are not illegal was rejected by the EU and the Vatican and will also contribute to turmoil in the Middle East, especially in light of Israel’s plans to annex the Jordan Valley. Finally, the anointing by a Jewish Rabbi of President Trump as King constitutes for some the necessary fulfillment of a command in the Talmud, leading to the Coming of the Messiah.

“Was bedeutet es, keinen Anstoß zu geben?” is the title of this Sabbath’s new German sermon, presented by Norbert Link. Title in English: “What Does It Mean Not to Give Offense?”

“Wie wir jederzeit dankbar sein sollten,” is the title of this Sabbath’s new German sermonette, presented by Michael Link. Title in English: “How We Should Be Thankful At All Times.”

“President Trump’s Destiny — Comments on News and Prophecy (November 16, 2019),” is the title of last Sabbath’s commentary, presented by Norbert Link. Here is a summary:

Some feel that President Trump is fulfilling a prophetic role in relationship to the state of Israel, which is similar to the role of Cyrus, King of Persia, who helped the Jews to build the Second Temple. They say that Trump will be used to help build the Third Temple, as a prerequisite for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  Trump seems to believe this himself.

“Sermon – Words – Part 1:” is the title of last Sabbath’s sermon, presented by Pastor Brian Gale. Here is a summary:

This sermon looks at the importance of words, and explores seven areas where words impact on church members lives today.

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