Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter was written, sent out and posted on the Web. In the letter, Brian Gale discusses the evils of this world (including the upcoming Christmas season) and encourages all of us to stay close to God and avoid this world’s pitfalls and deceptions.

A new StandingWatch program was posted this week on StandingWatch and You Tube. It is titled, “Lessons from the Afghan War.” The following is discussed: President Obama’s decision to send more troops to Afghanistan has been described as “dangerous.” It was pointed out that “parallels between Afghanistan and Vietnam are impossible to ignore.” The President’s speech has been labeled as “false,” and the war itself as unnecessary, unsuccessful and unsolvable. But the most important lessons from the war have been completely overlooked. 

A new German StandingWatch (AufPostenStehen) program was also recorded. It discusses the decision of the German highest constitutional court to ban Sunday shopping, following the complaint of the Catholic and Protestant Church. In addition, the change from the Sabbath to Sunday is addressed.

A new German sermon, titled, “Der Ursprung des Weihnachstfestes” (“The Origin of Christmas”), was posted on the Web.

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