Preaching the Gospel and Feeding the Flock

A new member letter has been written and will be sent out early next
week. Brian Gale discusses in the letter the “spirit of Christmas” in
all its different forms and disguises, which true Christians must avoid
at all costs.

We have received additional interesting responses
to our ad campaign in the United Kingdom, promoting our booklet, “The
Fall and Rise of Britain and America
.” The final number of responses is
1,648. Set forth below are a few samples:

“Dear Sir. I am a
Christian and I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover and have attended
a course analyzing the Old Testament; nevertheless I have never come
across an analysis and interpretation of the Scripture like yours. It
has certainly shed [light] on some of my unanswered questions.”

Christian friends. Thank you so much for sending me the booklet “The
Fall and Rise of Britain and America.
” It is so interesting. I have not
yet read it all as I like to look up all of the references. A real
revelation to me. I feel that here I am at 80, not much longer to be
here, yet, when reading your book, so much to learn before I go. If you
have any other publications, and have a list of them, will you kindly
send me a copy. Thank you. You said all your literature is free of
charge but please accept the enclosed small gift from the Lord towards
your great ministry. I like you name ‘Global’ church. What a day that
will be when we all rise to meet our Lord, we shall see a real Global
Church. Many thanks and every blessing.”

“We have been delighted
with the booklets and have passed them [on] so others could have a
blessing. There is only a couple of us but could you send us a few more
and where we could send a donation to and who[m] to make it payable
to. We have all gained so much from the booklets.”

have just finished reading your booklet entitled “The Fall and Rise of
Britain and America
” and found it to be very enjoyable. It would be
much appreciated if you could send me the following booklets (8 are
listed). I would also be grateful if you could send me further
information on your church. Thanking you in advance for your help.”

you for the booklets previously sent to me. I read them and I must say
that everything is scriptural that you pointed out in them. There are
so many churches today that do quote certain passages of the Bible to
persuade people that they have the ‘Truth.’… The Word of God teaches
me to not forget the doctrine that I have been taught from Scripture,
for it is God-breathed. I am extremely grateful to you and your church
for this free merchandise. There are not many free… booklets
[around]. If it is not too much trouble to you, I would like the
booklets, ‘The Theory of Evolution‘; ‘Don’t Keep Christmas‘; ‘Is God a
‘; and ‘Lawlessness Will Abound.’ I especially am keen to
see what your church has to say about it.”

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