A Sweet Aroma

by Delia Messier

Starting out as a foster child, our baby boy was a gift from God, given to us when he was 15 months old. He really had just started walking and was still a little shaky. What a beautiful tiny little boy he was, with hazel eyes and blond curly hair. Holding him, filled my heart with joy!

Only one thing, he had a foreign smell, a sour smell to his skin. He did not smell like my own; the sweet smell our own babies had. He had been living on a poor diet, which was visible by his big stomach and swayed back.

In time, with a good diet of wholesome foods and proper care, his countenance began to change. His little cheeks and lips glowed pink and his body filled out, his back straightened and his tummy flattened. He was not such a tiny small boy after all, but a big boy in the making.

Then the day came, that day, when I held him. There it was, a “SWEET AROMA”! The aroma of my own.  The smell of my own baby. The sweetest aroma for a mom.

Remembering this, I also want to be a sweet aroma to my Father.  Am I recognizable to My Father as His own?  Has my countenance changed enough from the old person I was, to one of His own children?

Am I a SWEET AROMA to my Father?

©2023 Church of the Eternal God