FOT: How Language Forms Life

Our words and thoughts have a huge impact on how we create our environment. The words we choose influence others. God the Father and Jesus Christ choose their words in the wisest way possibly, so they could heal the world again. Do we also choose words to heal ourselves and others?

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FOT: The Sound of Blessing

The History of humankind is a history full of wrong decisions. The effect find there zenith in our present time. Christ’s return becomes tremendous.  His coming will put an end to the great Babylon and the associated thought and ring in a time of blessing. He will quench the war and peace will come upon the earth.

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FOT 2018: Carelessness

God is very clear by saying we should keep all his commandments. We should do our utmost to keep the promise we gave him.  The consequences are clear when we handle our promise with carelessness.

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