The Great Day of Salvation

The Last Great Day symbolizes the period of the “Great White Throne Judgment”, and is the crowning achievement in God’s plan for the salvation of all of mankind and the building of His exceedingly extended Family, consisting of righteous God beings who will be perfect in character. This high holy Sabbath follows directly the Feast of Tabernacles. An overview of its meaning is given in this message.

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FOT: Pisa’s Tower or God´s House?

What led to the enormous inclination of the famous landmark of Pisa in the past centuries and could it have been avoided? How, on the other hand, does God proceed in the construction of His spiritual house – His Church? His construction principles are discussed in more detail.

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FOT: Polished Gems

The sermonette deals with a major reason why God confronts a person called out of the world with regular and varied tests. In addition, an interesting analogy with regard to the gems created by God is discussed in parallel. So what do humans and gems have in common?

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FOT 2018: The Anchorage of the Calling

When God has called a man to salvation and he has become assured of that calling, then it is important to respond to it in the right way. But what means this? The sermonette gives the answer and also shows how it is possible to anchor the calling at three main objectives.

FOT 2017: Civil Servant For Life

The sermonette highlights one particular principle of the historically recorded civil service system, which is even today, among others, anchored in the German constitution. This principle is about the mutual commitment of specific public figures (civil servants) to the sovereign state for the duration of a human lifetime. Following an introductory explanation of this principle, it will be shown what God has to say in the Bible about how this applies to the ministry, and finally what the significance is for those who are God’s appointed”firstfruits”.

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