Your Body Is the Temple

There is a lot of focus on spiritual development for Christians. Yet the Bible also acknowledges that we are made of flesh and blood, bound in physical bodies. In this state of being, what is our responsibility for maintaining our physical health according to the teaching of the Bible?

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Where is Peace?

When we experience struggle, difficulty, and conflict in our lives, where can we find peace? What can we do to create more peace in our lives?

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Hidden Sins

The mission of every Christian is to turn away from sin and draw close to God. But how is it possible to turn from sin when we do not understand where it lurks in our lives? In what ways can we discover our hidden sins so we can correct our paths?
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Offertory: Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

As we anxiously await the return of Jesus Christ, we are left in this world seeking righteousness. The source of the Word of God comes from the Church and the work that they are performed to do. If we are to quench our thirst for truth, we need to support the work through our offerings.

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It Takes Practice

What does it take to overcome and remove sin in our lives? When we are successful in correcting our behavior to become more righteous, what more do we need to do?

LGD 2017: Giving God our Best

When we have the opportunity to give back to God, how do we express our thanks? Do we give Him the best of ourselves, as he gives to us?

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FOT 2017: Justice for All

It is comforting to know that the plan of God offers every single person who has ever lived a fair chance at salvation. The claim that unbelievers in this age will be condemned without ever having a chance to understand the truth is simply false. God’s plan extends justice and fair judgment to everyone.

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FOT 2017: Why Firstfruits?

The millennial period is a particularly special time for those who are converted before the return of Christ. During this period, these individuals, who are referred to as “firstfruits” will be resurrected, glorified, and rule kingdoms under the leadership of Jesus Christ before others have an opportunity to do so. Knowing that this will come to pass, why does the plan of God involve firstfruits in the first place? What purpose does it serve to have a first resurrection?

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FOT 2017: Practical Prayer

Prayer is one of the most important tools that we need to use in our Christian lives. What can we do to make the practice of prayer truly useful, rather than a mere utterance of words into the void?

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God offers blessings that are contingent on obedience. Any blessing that we may have in our lives is a direct result of God’s generosity. On the commanded Holy days, we are instructed to bring an offering that reflects our gratitude for the blessings that we have received.

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