A New Beginning!

by Noelle Link

When I was in my mid-twenties (I’m forty now), I went to the doctor complaining of severe back pain.  After X-rays and a MRI, my doctor revealed I had degenerative disc disease, moderate scoliosis and a bulged disc in my lower back. Naturally, he prescribed pain medication for me. As the years went by, I developed a tolerance to that particular pain medication, so my doctor prescribed a stronger medication. I continued up the pain medication “ladder,” eventually being referred to a pain specialist because my primary care doctor wasn’t allowed to prescribe anything stronger.

Unfortunately, there are several warnings that are given with taking such strong pain medicine:

“This medicine may cause the following problems: High risk of overdose, which can lead to death. Respiratory depression (serious breathing problem that can be life-threatening). This medicine can be habit-forming. Do not use more than your prescribed dose. This medicine may cause depression and/or suicidal thoughts.”

I did develop depression and at the time thought the only solution was to take an antidepressant. However, that came with its own warnings, especially when mixed along with the pain medicine I was taking.

I never realized how dependent I was on all of the medicine. I was literally bound to have a breakdown. That breakdown occurred earlier this year, and I’m so very thankful God was watching after me or I may not have been writing this forum right now. I received a lot of help and support from my family, especially my husband, church family, and my primary doctor. My husband went with me to a doctor’s appointment a few days later and my doctor told me I had no choice but to stop taking all prescription medication. The only medicine he would allow me to take was one to help me with detoxing and withdrawal.  I was completely finished with that one in less than a month, thanks to God.

In addition to helping me get off the narcotics, he strongly recommended a complete natural approach, without side effects, which would alleviate many, if not all, of the conditions I have been suffering with throughout the years. It has helped me tremendously to relieve my back pain, insomnia, anxiety and headaches. It also has increased my appetite, which has been great, since I rarely had one while on the narcotic medication.

I haven’t felt as good as I feel now for about 15 years. I did not realize that so many could see the dullness I once had in me. Everything and everyone in my life has new meaning. I see things so differently now. So many have commented how bright my eyes are now, how much healthier I look, and how happy I sound. I give thanks to God for His miraculous intervention and for being with me every step of the way, and to my amazing husband for sticking by me for over ten years.

I believe in miracles and I am truly grateful for God’s continuing guidance in my life.  Here’s to a new beginning!

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