A Big THANK YOU to God

By Delayla Sperzel (15) – Germany

My mom and I went to my orthodontist because I had to get fixed braces. We went to appointments on three consecutive days and I was trying to predict which pliers the orthodontist was going to use during the application and got it right each time, as I’m a very quick learner. When he heard that, he asked me if I wanted to do an internship at the clinic. Since I was still searching for something at this point, I brought an application with me the next day. He was very enthusiastic about this application and asked me if I had time for an internship and we made appointments together for this.

Therefore, at the beginning of July, I spent 3 days doing an internship in the orthodontics practice.

On the last day of my internship, the boss invited me to his office, where he praised me very much, and told me that he was very impressed that I had done such a wonderful job and that I had a great and positive charisma. After the great praise, he gave me the wonderful message that he would like me to be part of his team.

I give thanks to God and His leadership and how God intervened in my new phase of life and put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Now he has provided me with a wonderful education and a very nice and understanding boss.

Initial Translation: Anna Link

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